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some of my favourite works by John William Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse: (1849-1917) Pre-Raphaelite painter particularly known for his depiction of classical subjects and of characters and themes from classical literature and poetry, particularly from the works of Dante Alighieri, Tennyson, and Shakespeare. Click on the pics for a nice large viewing

the game.....At Goulburn last Sunday


The Last Earl of Montrose, A Very British Civil War

The Goulburn Valiant Stormers present a Pulp Game on Sunday the 21st of November , at Goullburn Soldiers Club, corner of Sloane and Market Sts.

The Earl of Montrose is travelling through the border country;

Is he an Royalist?
Socialist ?
Or does he have his own agenda?

He reaches the little town of Upper Wuthering ......

Bring suitable minis if you have them? Otherwise I can supply,if you have your own ideas ie 'I would like to be an anarchist' let me know I can write you a spot into the narrative.
This will be a skirmish game of maybe 50 figures,assorted armoured cars,'planes et cetera and will be scaled at 1to 1 for realism

See you there

The Lord High Archwolf

Motor Cycles revisted , in part


Trucks and troops

Bought these truck last Sunday at the Carboot Sale, need some touching up and then  a bit of weathering and a bit of a dusing ,look good and will be usefful for our next Pulp outing
I neither painted or assembled the trucks..but I did do the figures.. I have since sold them to Greywolf, the trucks not the figures

This was the event where  I bought them, happens to be my backyard..

Montana Jack, the girls ,the colonel and the 'cycles


Jerry Cornelius

Eureka Miniature, interpreted by the Grandmaster Greywolf

Lucy and Mrs Greywolf


Ragnar and Sophie


Assault Squad,L Detachment AVBCW


The Lady

Martial Ectasy.....

Boom,Little Lady Big Gun.


Gryff, of the Red Shield Clan....

..ponders his coming up in the World..

More Warriors, Heroes ,and the dogs

Eureka Figures from the Beouwulf range, Warlords dogs

and  a Celtic warrior in a characteristic pose.

And an albino anti -hero  with a vorpal sword
and the Red Knight

The Leader of the pack

Reaper Shieldmaiden Warlords mastiffs

Reaper Shieldmaiden  Warlords mastiffs

.... a top the standing stones...Ruaridh Mac Eanraig waits

28mm,.or 1/56th scale. click on the image for a larger version of the picture