The Last Earl of Montrose, A Very British Civil War
The Goulburn Valiant Stormers present a Pulp Game on Sunday the 21st of November , at Goullburn Soldiers Club, corner of Sloane and Market Sts.

The Earl of Montrose is travelling through the border country;

Is he an Royalist?
Socialist ?
Or does he have his own agenda?

He reaches the little town of Upper Wuthering ......

Bring suitable minis if you have them? Otherwise I can supply,if you have your own ideas ie 'I would like to be an anarchist' let me know I can write you a spot into the narrative.
This will be a skirmish game of maybe 50 figures,assorted armoured cars,'planes et cetera and will be scaled at 1to 1 for realism

See you there

The Lord High Archwolf