Friday, November 12, 2010

The Last Earl of Montrose, A Very British Civil War
The Goulburn Valiant Stormers present a Pulp Game on Sunday the 21st of November , at Goullburn Soldiers Club, corner of Sloane and Market Sts.

The Earl of Montrose is travelling through the border country;

Is he an Royalist?
Socialist ?
Or does he have his own agenda?

He reaches the little town of Upper Wuthering ......

Bring suitable minis if you have them? Otherwise I can supply,if you have your own ideas ie 'I would like to be an anarchist' let me know I can write you a spot into the narrative.
This will be a skirmish game of maybe 50 figures,assorted armoured cars,'planes et cetera and will be scaled at 1to 1 for realism

See you there

The Lord High Archwolf

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trucks and troops

Bought these truck last Sunday at the Carboot Sale, need some touching up and then  a bit of weathering and a bit of a dusing ,look good and will be usefful for our next Pulp outing
I neither painted or assembled the trucks..but I did do the figures.. I have since sold them to Greywolf, the trucks not the figures

This was the event where  I bought them, happens to be my backyard..